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  • Data di pubblicazione

    14 Settembre 2017

  • Durata

    8 brani

Three years after their previous album entitled Novos Misterios, NINOS DU BRASIL are coming back with VIDA ETERNA, their third work, whose publication in Lp/Cassette is teamed up with Hospital Productions (worship label Based in NY), while the Cd/Digital version is released La Tempesta International, a true masterpiece for independent Italian music.

From the cover image, a flying bat with a wide open mouth painted by British artist Marvin Gaye Chatwynd, continuing with the titles of the songs and the dense texture of synthetic bases and it’s clear that Vida Eterna is conceived as a journey through a dreary, damp jungle, populated by creatures that capture their vital energy from the dark and the night.

The creation of this album, inspired by vampirism, was born from the collaboration between the duo Vascellari and Fortuni with the producer Rocco Rampino. The dense texture of synthetic bases, masterfully and cleverly coupled with the explosivepercussive irresistible charge of Ninos Du Brasil, has allowed the writing of this record, consisting of eight tracks that like sharp blades make way into a nocturnal jungle.

Let us imagine an almost impenetrable forest, on which the darkness is about to fall. And together with darkness there is the awakening of a world, remaining in the shade all the time of the day. A world made of creatures whose most developed sense is not the sight.That’s a lot more.

The two opening tracks, O Vento Chama Seu Nome and No Meio Da Noite represent a perfect incipit in which a sharp wind shakes trees, branches and leaves creating sighs. The forest is alive and, slowly, a ritual of esoteric percussion grows, almost as it wants to guide the multitude of night creatures and awakening presences. Next we find Condenado Por Un Idioma Desconhecido, the first single extracted from the album. It is an awesome track with actual sounds and remarks in the Islamic world. A true statement for Ninos Du Brasil, which once again confirms and raises their victory in a battle against the idiocy of pop music in general and the use of really controversial and superficial lyrics. The traces of Vida Eterna are a crescendo made of evil rituals in which there is no lack of structural weaves, the many percussion recorded live (woodblocks, rolling, gas cylinders, shopping carts, hang drum, timpani, congas , Maracas, bottles and anything else …), loud and crazy voices and tons of drums. The mixture is rich and well balanced and the disc flows fluid, making its way through the night in the forest that, initially impenetrable, now reveals a blur.

The penultimate track Em Que O Rio Do Mar Se Torna consecrates the success of the band: evading the forest and finding a way to leave it behind, going to a new element: water. And this is exactly what is called in the final track Vagalumes Piralampos, whose vocal parts are entrusted to the “master” Arto Lindsay. No one better than him can close a job that represents an exploratory and decisive step up for Ninos Du Brasil, with a hit full of light, revealing that the next album will be a definite return to the carnival explosion of the debut album Muito NDB.

All tracks written & produced by Ninos Du Brasil
Ninos Du Brasil are: Nico Vascellari and Nicolò Fortuni
Produced by Rocco Rampino
Recorded by Rocco Rampino, Peppe Petrelli and Maurizio Baggio
Mixed by Peppe Petrelli
Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering by Helmut Erler
Artwork by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd

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