• New Young Pony Club @ Prince Bandroom, Melbourne (05/07/08)

    Ago 11 2008, 12:00 di Psicosis

    Fri 5 Aug – New Young Pony Club

    Perhaps due to design, the bandroom at the Prince of Wales hotel always looks packed. While it was a Tuesday night, the bandroom managed to look even busier then usual thanks to London based indie-electronica five piece New Young Pony Club. While glittery silver banners hung behind the stage spelling out the initials of the band’s name, the super excited crowd dance away to the pre-show DJs set made up of similar artists – Hot Chip, Cut Copy and Santogold. When the music stops and the lights are turned off, screams fill up the empty silence of the room bringing the band onto stage.

    Lead singer Tahita Bulmer’s performances always rely on her feeding off the audience and this one was no exception. Dressed in a black shirt/dress combination with tightly curled blonde hair, Tahita was constantly on the move around the Prince’s small stage while the crowd helped her out with the chorus of Get Lucky. She was talkative as usual but clearly was suffering from post-Splendour fatigue…
  • spam rocks!

    Giu 27 2008, 10:46 di spagyricus

    *laughter* this turned up in my junkmail:

    Take the blue pilule and she will show you how far the rabbit hole goes.


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