• News 11.08.2008

    Nov 27 2008, 16:10 di turkeyvulture01

    TURKEY VULTURE RECORDS would like to welcome the band Beyond Threshold who have inked a recording deal and will be heading into the studio in December 2008!! The band formerly known as THRESHOLD (due to legalities the band has officially changed their name) are a 5 piece thrash/hardcore outfit from Rockford, Illinois and have been pounding the Midwestern U.S. for years. This band is something to watch for. Their debut album on T.V.R. will be produced by Jason Z. at Full Spectrum Studios in Wisconsin and promises to be a powerful production!! These guys pack a heavy punch and their live shows are high-energy and amazing to say the least!! We are very happy to have these guys are part of the family!!

    Man Made Man ripped it up at their CD release show "DEVIL'S NIGHT"!!! Watch a clip of the show below and read the awesome review!!!


    By Dr.
    Abner Mality