• Nayah - Reggae/Hip Hop band from Brazil

    Feb 4 2006, 16:48 di vitorselles

    Nayah is one of the best bands from the new generation of Brazilian reggae bands. Formed in 1998, the band has already released two independent albums, having toured a lot around the south of the country, despite being originally from Niterói, in Rio de Janeiro (Southeastern region of Brazil).
    The first album, Ritmo da Vida, was made of pure Reggae tracks: mainly slow songs, with one or two fast ones. The song "Felicidade" had the best response from the audience (mainly in the south). "Previsível" and "Medo" are other favourites.
    After some reestructuring, the band came up with a second album, with a truly innovating style, adding Hip Hop elements through two MCs (Henzo and JPunk), and shifting towards a more swing/rock sort of reggae. Clearly, something unique has been created, and of the 11 songs in the new album, 8 or 9 are excellent, each in their own style.
    "É isso", the opening track, mixes various elements, mainly rock and hip hop…