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  • Anni di attività

    2010 – oggi (8 anni)

Nümph formed in late 2010, deriving from different musical projects, influences and backgrounds. Marco (vocals), Luca G. (lead guitar), Luca F. (bass), and Giuseppe (drums), immediately felt the need to begin and deepen a path of musical experimentation and research, with the aim to create a unique sound . Four Zoas was their first EP, self-produced and released in June 2011.

Due to very good acceptance of the EP from the audience, Numph decided to begin immediately to write a full lenght, in late 2011. At first the band seemed really enthusiastic about working on the new album but, with the passing of the months, it become clear that the chemistry between the members wasn't working in the right way, as it was during the making of Four Zoas. This led to a change in the lineup in the first months of 2012, with Antonio taking the role of bassist, and a period of reflection. With rearranged ideas, Numph continued the composition work for the new album, regainded all the enthusiasm and finished the writing process in the first months of 2013. This hard work gave birth to Theories of Light the first full length album of the band, recorded at The Basement studio, mixed by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, The Sword) and mastered by Ed Brooks from RFI Studios (Rem, Isis, Pearl Jam).

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