• The hottest gig in the world...

    Lug 7 2006, 0:56 di room13

    Wednesday 5th July. O'Henrys Bar Glasgow. Easily the hottest gig I've ever been at. Infact I'm convinced it promoted weight loss it was so good but it was all worth it for the excellent line up.

    I Object
    Today We Fight
    My Own Religion

    Was the line up and DIY punk does it best was the message. My Own Religion opened up much to my joy that one of the best ska/punk bands I've heard in a while are back together and still sounding as raw as ever. They ever swing round your neck on the woods on a buckfast adventure it is your duty to go see them and have a dance/mosh type thing.

    'Twas Today We Fights last ever Glasgow gig and although I get to catch them one last time in Edinburgh they are definetly going to be missed. Raw vocals and a musical passion that.. is well a bit lacking up and down Scotland in a lot of these haircut bands that believe in Nicky Clark over talent.

    Last up was I-Object. Complete Sauna and it was starting to smell funny but I-Object made you forget all about…