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There’s something about a sibling relationship that creates the perfect musical dynamic. With indie folk duo Miss Eileen & King Lear this is certainly the case, as there is a clear sense of familiarity and warmth in their performance.

No strangers to the music industry, Eileen and Lear Hodgkins have been performing since childhood in the roots/vaudeville act The Perch Creek Family Jugband. It was one long night on the Hume Highway that the idea to form a duo was born. While cramped in an overheating tour van, the pair started writing a song line for line. They formed a melody, came up with a chord progression and had a brand new song in their hands.

Since then, creative sparks have been flying and their repertoire of original songs has grown substantially. In just under six months, Miss Eileen & King Lear have found themselves signed to Decibels Records with an EP on the way.

“It has all fallen into place really rapidly,” says Lear. “The co writing has been really organic and although we both have rather diverse musical tastes, there is a definite thread that seems to be stringing it all together.”

Eileen and Lear each lend their own unique lead vocals on songs penned both individually and collaboratively. Their songs can be epic and sweeping, fun and frivolous or anywhere in-between, and are always delivered with an honesty that is both direct and refreshing.

The duo is gearing up to release their debut EP ‘Hungry Little Heart’ in mid September 2013. Produced by Joe Ferguson with creative direction from ARIA award winning producer Jimi Maroudas, the Sing Sing mixed and mastered EP has come up sparkling.

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