• RatholeRadio 81 – 27th June 2012

    Ago 9 2012, 20:37 di MarcHollenbach

    A slightly delayed show this time. Apologies for that. I was busy on Sunday watching England lose on penalties in a major football tournament. I’m not sure why I bothered as we’ve done that a thousand times before. Anyway, enough of that. I played my usual eclectic mix of music and had a good time, I hope you have a good time listening :)

    00:00 – WE ARE FMDance – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A track I picked up from CCHits.net, high energy start to the show from this Dutch artist.

    05:54 – John Sotter ~ Acoustic Warrior – Fire Wind – CC BY-SA Licensed – Hailing from South California John has been travelling the world
    09:10 – Fresh Body ShopEnjoy The Apple – CC BY-NC-ND Licensed – Another slice of industrial goodness from this French artist. I’ve played them many times before and they never disappoint.

    Article about CCHits on Creative Commons UK blog.

    17:25 – Dick Limerick Academy - Nob’eds – CC BY-NC Licensed – Another track from Liverpool rappers Merseycide. …