• Calgary Folk Fest 2010: YEAH, MEH, BLEH

    Ago 4 2010, 21:55 di FilmoreHolmes

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    It was over a decade since I was last in Calgary, not since I turned 18, the legal drinking age in the province of Alberta. Between our disastrous and sinister Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose riding is Calgary Southwest, and the reputation of the Stampede, I had built up some negative impressions of the city over the years that had, up to this point, given me all the excuses I'd needed to avoid revisiting. Plus, as a BC boy born and raised, and thus a longtime fan of the Vancouver Canucks, there is that whole division rivalry thing. Fate will have its way, though. And, indeed, when the opportunity to cover the Calgary Folk Music Festival came my way, I felt something pushing me to expand my horizon a bit.

    Braving a horrendous 16-hour Greyhound bus ride to get there, my effort was rewarded with a fantastic festival experience. …
  • [Festival Roundup] V Festival 2008, Chelmsford

    Ago 19 2008, 15:42 di jonolay

    Despite a severe weather warning being forecast for the majority of England and Wales, the torrential rain and muddy conditions which many expected, and which did indeed befall the Staffordshire event, never seemed to materialise in Chelmsford at the V Festival 2008.

    Having headed to the V Stage to catch Michael Franti & Spearhead, pretty much on the back of Everyone Deserves Music and a general expectation that they'd be a decent way to kick off the weekend, I found myself unwittingly watching half of The Futureheads (6) set instead! One of the biggest flaws with V, which materialised throughout the weekend, was how lineup changes were communicated to the crowds, and although we had fortunately printed our own timetable before leaving, the majority of those at the event had been effectively forced to buy overpriced programme cards because of the organisers' failure to provide any alternative. I must confess to not being the biggest fan of the Futureheads…
  • My Twitter soundtrack

    Mag 3 2008, 13:25 di nate32x

    nate32x love the Mr. T rocky iii samples in One Be Lo's "Smash" about 12 hours ago from web

    nate32x i'm here like air 'til i'm beer on the curb 05:45 PM May 01, 2008 from txt [ Touch the Sky ]

    nate32x "Its the e-m-cease-a-leos / Ya'll gon' smell defeat like cheese doritos" - Masta Ace (eMC's "Leak It Out") 03:42 PM April 28, 2008 from web

    nate32x in my office jammin' to hold music on a conference call where the "leader has not yet arrived" ... i call early just to hear this 02:02 PM April 15, 2008 from web

    nate32x workin' through my years long ultimate music rating project 01:43 PM March 27, 2008 from web

    nate32x wait a minute, was i humming Lord of the Rings music earlier, not real sports? 11:29 PM March 25, 2008 from web

    nate32x just found myself inexplicably humming and whistling the theme to hbo's 'real sports' ... actually i now realize it is a pretty awesome song 10:29 AM March 25, 2008 from web

  • Song 22.000

    Gen 5 2008, 19:25 di maarten325

  • My Best and Worst Concerts of 2006

    Dic 19 2006, 18:20 di aathorp

    Well, no more concerts until 2007. I wish we had awesome New Year's Eve concerts here. But since we don't, that leaves me to remember the best and worst concerts I saw this year.

    The Best

    1. David Gray - 08/08/06 at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa

    Now for those that know me well, this probably isn't a surprise for the number one spot. I'd been dying to see David Gray for years... since I'd first heard White White Ladder in 2002.

    David and his band played a mix of old and new material, though it was a little heavy on Life In Slow Motion songs for my liking. We were treated to an awesome solo My Flame Turns Blue and a great rendition of Sail Away. David seemed tired - his voice was a little rough around the edges. But I didn't complain... I still have his setlist at home, waiting to be framed.

    2. Michael Franti & Spearhead - 07/09/06 at CiscoSystems Bluesfest Main Stage, Ottawa

    A perennial favourite at Ottawa's premiere festival, Michael Franti & Spearhead didn't disappoint. …
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead at Lowlands festival

    Ago 21 2006, 22:31 di bartverkoeijen

    I went for the first time to the sold out A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise festival. When I bought my ticket the performing artist were not announced yet. Therefore I was thrilled to see the announcement of one of my favourite artists: Michael Franti and Spearhead.

    Once arrived at Lowlands my eyes catched immediately the posters announcing the new album 'Yell Fire!'. It got even better when I found an advertisement in the daily festival newspaper. The record store was selling the new album with a free T-Shirt. It didn't take long before you could spot the first shirts between the 55000 visitors.

    After a warm shower I equiped myself with my new shirt and walked excited to the huge Alpha tent. I arrived early and could find a nice spot in one of the first rows. The tent was filled with exited and friendly people. Someone said that I could expect someting amazing, and he raised my expectations to the maximum level.

    Then the band members came on-stage without Michael and started playing an unfamiliair song. …
  • Bluesfest - Night 3

    Lug 12 2006, 15:37 di aathorp

    So we didn't go to night 2 because of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Sunday was a hectic day with the World Cup final and all... so we made it there for the final 2/3rds of Ani DiFranco's set. We got to hear some of the newer tracks - Evolve,

    As well, we were treated to some of the older songs, though they've been adjusted. A lot of the melodies have changed and she changed the chords to accomodate her wrists. We heard Little Plastic Castle, Two Little Girls, and Shameless which I didn't recognize at first because of the changes. She also told the tomato story from Italy from a few years back (I heard it on a bootleg) after she said that the fruit platter backstage was the best she'd ever had. It was a little a frustrating because a lot of people were just there waiting for the next act, so they talked through the performance.

    The headliner was Michael Franti and Spearhead. He came out kicking a soccer ball and the host had already told the audience that the band had spent the afternoon…