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Mary Hampton is a folk singer, songwriter and guitarist from Brighton, England.

Hampton has released two self-produced CD-Rs, Book One (2006) and Book Two (2007), containing a mix of original and traditional songs. In 2008 she released My Mother's Children, her first commercially available album, on Navigator Records. The album has been described as "a sparse collection of her own songs, which recline with shimmering sensuality in various shady cloaks of weirdness" and as "songs of unnerving delicacy, elemental and acoustic simplicity…potent and enchanting".

In addition, Hampton contributed vocals to Rough Music, a 2005 album by Eliza Carthy, and sang on Blow It Up, Burn It Down, Kick It 'Til It Bleeds, a 2006 album by Stereolab side project Imitation Electric Piano.

Hampton appeared at the 2008 Green Man Festival to critical acclaim, her set being described as "genuinely memorable".

In June 2009 she is set to tour the UK alongside acclaimed American singer Diane Cluck.

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