• Album Review: Lamb of God /Wrath/

    Mar 9 2009, 3:51 di sablespecter

    To get the reboot going, I wanted to start with a review of the first landmark release of 2009 for me: Lamb of God's Wrath, which was released February 24th!

    If you've watched Walk With Me in Hell, and especially if you've seen Killadelphia for contrast, it's amazing what a different person Randy Blythe is when he's sober. Randy's a very intelligent, well-read person who must be fascinating to talk to now that he’s able to have lucid conversations. Wrath is the first album that he has done completely sober, and does that ever show through in his vocals and the music. I think it's possibly the single biggest reason why they sound so good. The band must have actually enjoyed working together to do this album, and I think that shows through, too. They're scorchingly heavy here, but clear and really tight.

    Sacrament was written off by a lot of fans and some critics for being too polished. Too much studio production. I actually love it. …