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Mario Marinoni begun his musical activity back in 1986 with the new wave band Clessidra. The band split in 1992 and he started to play with different bands and made different experiences with different musical genres. On year 2007 he play guitars with Solarya and in 2009 starts an electronic musical project under the Mono monicker. His urge to find new ways of expression made him form the Different Ways, an electro wave band that plays 80s wave covers. A sad experience forced him to take refuge into the song writing and he wrote several new songs and self produced them under his real name. He did an EP titled "Disturbo Depressivo" and started to prepare his first album LE VARIE SFUMATURE DEL VIOLA. On November 2011, the album has been released as CDr and digital release and contains fifteen songs for the total length of 80 minutes. Since from the first listening, LE VARIE SFUMATURE DEL VIOLA, sounds intense and cathartic. Mario is influenced by 80s new wave (he also founded a Facebook group called "I Giorni Dell'Ira, which takes its name from an Italian 80s label called I.R.A. but which also plays with the word "ira" which translated means "rage") but he takes those sounds and mix them with electronic arrangements and powerful drum machine beats. On most of the tracks I have the feeling that he built the tracks starting from the lyrics because he seems to recite them rather than singing them. Based the sound on his guitar which now sounds loud and powerful and then clean, Mario, helped by Cristina Ottaviani, wrote also a piano track dedicated it to his father. On this one melancholic melodies performed by piano and violin find their counterpart into the deep bass sound of bass guitar and the syncopated slow rhythms of the drum machine. Some other tracks like "Disturbo Depressivo" have a driving sound which seems almost industrial but if you like synthpop and new wave you can check "Vuoto Di Vuoto (Un Silenzio Che Fa Rumore)" or "I Giorni Dell'Ira" (its lyrics talk about the experience of making music in the 80s) first. Some tracks are a bit long but the whole album sounds sincere, passionate and worth your attention.
Review by: Maurizio Pustianaz

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