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MARCO DALPANE was born and lives in Bologna.
Studied piano, composition and electronic music.
Performed in concerts as a soloist and in various chamber music ensembles, focusing primarily on 20th century music.
His repertoire includes works by Liszt, Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Schoenberg, Webern, Bartok, Hindemith, Messiaen, Cowell, Gershwin, Cage, Stockhausen, Feldman, Brown, Guaccero, Bussotti, Castaldi, Cardew, White, Skempton, Glass, Curran, Riley, Reich, Nyman, Adams, Johnson, Bryars, Ten Holt, Otte, Oliveros, Muhly.
Formed several musical groups oriented towards a fusion of minimalist, jazz and rock styles.
Amongst other recordings, two CDs for Virgin-Stile Libero.
Has carried out projects involving musicians coming from extra-academic areas such as Tony Coe, Lindsay Cooper, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Fred Frith, Butch Morris, Eyvind Kang, Alvin Curran, Ulrich Krieger.
Has composed scores for theater, dance and films, art exhibitions, readings, radio and television commercials, CD-Roms and DVDs (Storia tecnologica del cinema, Treccani).
Plays accordion in the Vladah Klezmer Band.

Since 1991, has been working on music for silent as a pianist, composer and conductor.
Has composed commissioned pieces for some of the main European television networks such as ZDF and ARTE.
Has provided live musical accompaniment at more than 750 film viewings, including some of the leading international music and film festivals in France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Serbia, USA, Colombia, Japan, South Korea.
From 1991 to 2012 he collaborated with the Cineteca del Comune di Bologna.

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