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Maledicta was formed in 2001 and has arrived in 2009 with experience of a variety of music genres - metal, hardcore, rock and electronic. The band released its self-produced symph-metal “Eruption From Insides” album (Hardebaran) in 2003 and has since become celebrated on the underground scene thanks to positive reviews and numerous live appearances. Several years of on-stage experience has allowed the group to mature and has resulted in a significant stylistic change towards a more electronic sound, whilst at the same time, maintaining their violent and emotional identity. Continuing self-evaluations in the light of other music realities and scenes led Maledicta to the completion of “Recursive Suicide” – a mid-point between their artistic past and future.

“Recursive Suicide” has detached from the group’s previous work, both in terms of vocal pitching and use of keyboards. The vocals change in keeping with the multiple atmospheres of the album tracks, mutating from expressiveness to intimacy, from rock to rage and from hardcore to aggressiveness. The classic, symphonic form used in “Eruptions From Insides” has been set aside to make room for a sought-after and psychedelic use of loops and programming with an industrial style. These two innovations which, mixed with the soundwaves of guitar, bass guitar and drums, have given the band a new musical identity and an innovative stylistic approach.

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