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  • Anni di attività

    2000 – oggi (18 anni)

Malasangre took form at the beginning of the year 2000, when VP-33 (guitar) and NC-9.5 (bass) decided to start a band to share their musical tastes.
Soon FH-37 (drums) and JN-18 (vocals) joined the founder members; this is their first and current line up.
In a few months the first handful of primitive and raw songs like "Dream machine…evil machine" and "Bad Acid" took form and, practice by practice , turned into something slower, heavier and more downtuned.
It's rather obscure even to Malasangre how it happened. Someone stated that the band sounds like a reaction towards their life in small town Italy, made of boredom and narrow minded people.
That's correct, but the band has never portrayed any pathetic positive message or made any stupid attempt to change things.
Probably the will to take their revenge on their own roots and on the people who took them as a joke made Malasangre fill their songs with growing hatred.
The important thing is that Malasangre collected 5 songs in a year and felt the need to enter the studio for their first recording session.
It happened during April 2001 and the result was an EP called "A bad trip to…"
This caught the interest of Red Sun records which proposed a deal to the band .Two new songs (THC, Transvirus) and the cover version of Venus in Furs from the legendary Velvet Underground were added to the EP.
The result, a full-length album entitled "A bad trip to…" ,8 tracks of Lysergic Sludge Doom (as the band likes to define its music) was released in February of the year 2002 and was followed by many good reviews in mags, 'zines, web 'zines and Doom related web sites.
After a few shows followed by stagnant period, Malasangre went back to their slow and inevitable path that led them to a new recording session which ended in the last months of the year 2003.
Once again no limit was put on heaviness, so the result was 3 new tracks with a total running time of more than 50 minutes.
Two years had passed between the two recording sessions and many things had happened but not a lightening of the sound: the new songs are slower, more articulated , and darker than before. It seems the band let all the extreme, obscure influences come out. "A bad trip to…" sowed the seed of their musical extremism, which now developed further in the 3 track promo entitled "Inversus".

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