• Frid 26 Feb :: Cosmicleaf Records Label FREE Event

    Feb 13 2010, 14:00 di headbot

    @ FSI Factory Club // Dekeleon 26 - Gazi - Athens - Greece
    Free Entrance // Starts 23:00

    First Official Cosmicleaf Records label event in Greece.

    Cosmicleaf is one of a new wave of labels from the global progressive and psy-trance underground that is reinventing dance music for the ambient zone beyond just stripping away the fast tempos.

    The global talent these labels are attracting is inspiring. Cosmicleaf releases have both darkness and light, familar genre sounds and strange new sounds, a mindset open to genuine variety and which understands “beautiful” is something profound, not cheesy or trite.
    The ambient spaces between electro, trance, rock and world fusion are fertile ones, and the richness here suggests a group of artists diving headlong into them with passion,
    open minds and impressive programming skills.

    01:30 - 03:30 The Cosmicleaf Collective Live