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Luca Longobardi, pianist and composer, combines the classical performance practice of the repertoire with a strong opening to the contemporary musical language.

Born in San Lucido (CS), a small town in the south of Italy in 1976, he graduated in Piano, Composition and Electronic Music at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella in Naples.

He specialized at the Manhattan School of Music in New York under the guidance of Maestro Zenon Fishbein. There he obtained his Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance cum laude in December 2000.

In 2011 he obtained a PhD in Digital Technologies and Methodologies for Research on Performance in the Department of Art History and Entertainment at La Sapienza University in Rome. The focus of his studies was on the advancement of the research and innovation of digital audio restoration.

His career as a performer sees many concerts in Italy and abroad as soloist, soloist with orchestra and in chamber ensembles.

As a composer he produced his first works under the guidance of Roberto De Simone. Among them, there is the tribute to Donizetti in the form of a ballet Te voglio bene assaje, that was represented at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, the Donizetti Festival in Bergamo and later at Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

From 2002 to 2005 he worked as a reharsing pianist at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, under the direction of Elizabeth Terabust.

The experience in the neapolitan theater and his participation both as a performer and composer in independent productions stimulated his interest in video directing, light-design and installations. This way he began an experimental research toward a total mise-en-scene that presented different levels of sound and visual multimedia through a personal reading.

In January 2011, he presents Showcase 29|33 MicroBasicMacro, a live performance combining music, action painting and contemporary dance, in an exhibition that changes in respect of the location that hosts it: from small local bistrot to independent theaters, the show changes its shape to meet spaces and public.

From his artistic collaboration with choreographer Laura Martorana the work Prima Del Piede il Passo was born. This was a choreographic show based on Erri de Luca’s works designed for the Banch - Ballet Nacional Chileno for which he wrote the original musical composition.

In 2012 he started working with Gianfranco Jannuzzi, Renato Gatto and Massimliano Siccardi, curating the musical choices and writing the original soundtracks of the immersive entertainment shows of Carrières de Lumières in Baux-de-Provence.

In 2016 he composes the original soundtracks for Hundertwasser Experience e Werk in Progress, the first two immersive shows held in the Kunstkraftwerk in Lipsia.

The interest for electronic experimentation becomes increasingly present in its production and the year 2015 sees the birth of a series of installations and collaborations stating his need to create a media entourage for the use of its original musical compositions.
He masters his concept of 'sound vision', a mise en scene that creates a strong emotional and personal impact through a series of multimedia input. Examples of this approach are Jeudi – visioni sonore, a show which debuts at the Canova22 (Rm) with 15 replications and a strong response from the public and Il Quinto Corpo, a video performance and installation by Massimiliano Siccardi and Ginevra Napoleoni, in which the soudntrack is presented as a multi-output path and at the same time as a live electronic performance.

Eleven are his recorded works: 29|33 (2010), B612 (2011), #Espace13 (2012), P.eople. (2013), Laura Canta (2014), Random Days (2015), Solo Piano Works – Volume One (2016), Residue (2017), 3 soundscapes in C (2017), Morning Melodies (2017) and Plume (2017) published on iTunes and other digital platforms. In all of them, the piano joins contemporary sound experimentation, outlining a clear and distinguishable language well appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

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