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Loneload is a heartland rock / metal / electronic / post punk Creative Commons
project carried on by an italian female guitarist and songwriter called Laura Liparulo.

"Love would never work" was released on October the 15th 2010, under Creative
Commons license BY-NC-ND 3.0. Just how it was conceived. An artistic decision:
making early music, delivering good songs without following a genre, just close to
the mood, free of any commercial purpose.

The second album called "Steam punk" is meant to be a groovy breakthrough in the
underground, in the realms of science, technology, romance, ideals.

"Steam punk" was recorded between August and December 2011 at BuzzOff studios
(in Cassino, Italy), produced by Laura Liparulo and Antonio Tronca and mastered in
Miami by Anthony Tari (Perversion69) in January 2012.

All tracks are written by Laura Liparulo except "Free software song", which was
originally written by Richard Stallman (the pioneer of the Free software movement)
and "Can Can", composed by Jacques Offenbach in 1858.

Laura Liparulo: lead and backing vocals, rhytmn and lead guitars,
harmonica and midi programming (bass, synth, drums).


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