• a) is the first track I heard

    Nov 8 2008, 14:49 di Lizzy789

  • Concert Review: Live (2006-06-28 - Ahoy, Rotterdam)

    Giu 29 2006, 13:00 di ringlunatic

    Act: Live
    Support act(s): A Balladeer & Charlie Dée
    When: 2006-06-28
    Where: Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Let’s start with how I got to know Live. The first song that really made me notice them was The dolphin’s cry, with that wonderful video clip. That made me fall in love with them and soon I owned all the albums they had made so far. The first concert I’ve been to was on December 14, 2004 and I remember it being amazing. And to make a long story short, this concert was more than amazing too!

    It also had a first, for me then, because it had a very likable support act. I’m talking about a balladeer here. I think they played around 5 songs and they were really good and charming. I think I’m going to buy their album next time I’m near a music store. They were also the first support act I’ve seen from which the set wasn’t too long. Well done, boys!

    I wasn’t that impressed by Charlie Dée unfortunately. I didn’t like the leadsinger much, plus I thought their sounds just didn’t fit a Live concert. …
  • Random Music Explanation

    Giu 26 2006, 8:09 di Auron55

    Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
    Currently addicted to this song.. does anyone know if fall out boy has anymore songs like this? a bit acoustic which i really like from them.

    The Gun
    i have no idea if this song is called The Gun or just Gun.. anyone has an idea?
    Really addicted to this song by sonata arctica :D

    No idea why i got addicted to this song its so not metal but i like a change of pace :D


    I really like this song its a bit more heavier then normal Korpiklaani songs.

    Devil's Dance Floor

    Whoohoo irish pub music i really like this one.

    Den Sista Runans Dans

    This song is really good and soft from Finntroll definetly an recommender if you like finntroll and sweet music
  • Time for a top 10ish list to my current favorite bands/ Artists

    Giu 18 2006, 15:29 di jill_birt

    1.Our Lady Peace - Everytime I listen to any of their songs i'm hooked and just want to keep listening to more and more. My current favorite by them would have to be Are You Sad . It has to be one of the most beautiful songs i've heard in a long time. They've only been my favorite band for about 5 months, but i love them much!=D

    2.Genesis - Another band that I don't get sick of. My favorite song of all time is by them (Land of Confusion, speaking of i still don't think that the version by disturbed can compaire to the amazing version by Genesis)

    3.Jakalope - Ever since I bought It Dreams i've been totally hooked on them. They're amazing. I'd have to say that my favorite song by them would be Upside Down (And I Fall). I love it more every time I listen to it=D.

    4.Collective Soul - I never imagined that i'd ever love this band as much as I do. I originally bought Youth to get a good deal on another, and I figured, maybe i'll listen to it ocasionally. It's played almost as much as Turn It On Again(Genesis) is in my discman. …