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  • Data di pubblicazione

    25 Febbraio 2010

  • Durata

    13 brani

"Sang pour Sang" is the second opus from Les Jumeaux Discordants after a sold out and acclaimed EP on Misty Circles. The recording is based on the ancient concepts of Katàbasis and Anàbasis and is divided in two sections: the first is made by obscure and sinister atmospheres; the second is more lyrical. About the theme, LJD faces up to the Angelo Tonelli's poetry: the founder of the Ritomodernist wave, an Italian cultural wave fighting for the Tradition. Beyond the cooperation of this great personality of the contemporary philosophy there's the cooperation of the famous cellist Zeno Gabaglio from Switzerland and Daniela Bedeski from Camerata Mediolanense. Les Jumeaux Discordants is a project born in 2005 by the union of two pre-existent projects: The Last Hour by Roberto Del Vecchio and Aimaproject. The first is a musical project born in 2004; the second is born in 1996 and it works in various expressive fields: literature, photography, music. The CD is presented as a 6 pages digifile with a 12 pages booklet.

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