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As a band, they got together in the late '80s in Rome, Italy with the name of Alterego. They started very soon to compose original music in the wake of new progressive rock genre, whose main actors were, among others, Marillion and Twelfth Night, and the Italian bands Ezra Winston and Leviathan.

As Alterego, they were among the first Italian bands to take advantage of the multimedia web by appearing, in 1998, on the 1.0 version of, the first truly free music-sharing site: the single “Bird Without Wings” reached position number 10 in the “international progressive rock” chart.

Afterwards, the band experienced changes in the lineup and a bout of inactivity due its members’ various independent projects and temporarily differing musical interests.

Few years later, they were back together with the original lineup and with a new drummer. With a new band-name, Laviàntica (a contraction of the phrase “la via antica” - "the old way", to mean a retrospective stylistic choice), they began to work on material for their first album.

In spring 2013 they were among the finalists of the 'Roma Music Festival' contest for emerging musicians, after being selected from more than 500 artists.

In September 2013 they finally have released their first work entitled Clessidra (Hourglass). This self-production is characterized by careful musical arrangements, and remains true to its progressive roots but with a more shiny and modern sound, enriched by the contamination of other genres.

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