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L'ira dell'Agnello it's a neofolk solo-project made by Giulio Santaniello in 2008. The name, an oxymoron, is a biblical concept. Music style is experimental neofolk with ambient, industrial and dreamfolk influences. Despite every album has a difference concept, most common themes are intimate sufferings, love, death, martyrdom, astral visions, nature, God and Evil.
In 2009, the debut album was released by Frohike Records, entitled "L'Uomo, l'Amore e la Morte". Characterized by folk songs with themes ranging from expressions of love, loss, joy and christian mysticism, the album was interspersed with experimental dark ambient pieces and recited tales.
Every album is made following the path of underground homerecording.
In 2012 Caligine was released, an album much darker than the others, in which prevail themes such as magic, alchemy, a mysticism closely linked to nature and the vision of God in it. There are some dream-folk songs, slow and reverberated arpeggios, a whispered and cryptic voice.
In 2015 Coprofonia is out, characterized by more songwriting songs and death country ballads, although the themes of the songs remain introspective and visionary, favoring a horror and gothic imaginary.
I sermoni della luce, last album, comes out in 2018. Essentially psychedelic and acoustic folk, the album is conceived as a lysergic and religious journey in dreamlike woods and naturalistic paths at the borders of reality between ethereal arpeggios, percussion, acoustic ballads and shoegaze moments.
To the four albums we must add two eps: Rime aporetiche e mottetti alla miseria (2016) and L'umidità della solitudine (2012), containing covers, outtakes and several unreleased tracks.
Each work is recorded following the philosophy of underground hernecording lo-fi and not in a professional studio. Currently L'ira dell'Agnello is engaged in the recording of the last album that will be released in 2019.

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