• Kyuss - Perth 2011

    Mag 12 2011, 1:59 di earthcrossing

    Wed 11 May – Kyuss Lives!

    Last night I went to see Kyuss at Club Capitol in Perth. Firstly I'd like to say to anyone who claims mosh pits are a thing of the past: you're wrong!! Secondly, I'd like to say I didn't need to wash my hair last night, at least not before going to that show. Afterwards, I had no choice unless I wanted to sleep with alcohol-soaked hair. And no, it wasn't my alcohol. I'm pretty sure it is just that particular venue that attracts these sorts of people. I've seen two rather different bands there lately and have been roughed up in the mosh both times! I'm too old for this, people!! Hehe. Whereas at other venues I've gone to, there's no crowd surfing, no surge of the crowd so that you think you might lose your footing, none of that old school stuff.

    Anyway...the show was great, and they played all my favourites (I do like Demon Cleaner though, which they didn't play :D). Songs they played that I recognised were:

    One Inch Man
    Freedom Run
    El Rodeo