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Kawa Nanuk are a Neo Soul/Future Soul trio from Sicily, Italy.
The condition of being islanders is something you understand only when you walk away far enough to actually see the 'real' world, because until that moment your land was your center and everything beyond its shores was unknown. KAWA NANUK is the result of this seeking, being aware that we belong to the world and we can die and be born again many times in a lifetime. It is the embodiment of the hunger of new discovers, and the need to find your own people, your own tribe.
KAWA NANUK's music is filled – romantically – with all these hopes and dreams, and – pratically – with life experiences and musical influences: hiphop and drum&bass beats and 8bits melodies, fusion and jazzy things and shamanism, future soul approach and everlasting desire.
The band is born in late 2015, and perform all around the hometown playing songs from each member's background and re-arranging them according their taste and wish; in summer 2016 they attend the Berklee summer camp during the Umbria Jazz Festival, and at the end of that year Momo Alagna, Melo Miceli and Riccardo Oliva decide to put together their own stuff like a puzzle and write and produce their debut album, being the very first future soul band in Palermo. In March 2017 they start the two month crowdfunding campaing on Musicraiser and achieve the total budget successfully in just two weeks; at the same time, they published a single, “Flow”, to promote the campaing.
They released their debut album, "Yoshi", on March 22nd 2018.

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