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The band was born from a solo project by the singer, Karenza, after several years of activity in alternative rock bands (mostly punk ones) from the Turin district area, such as:

Makhnovcina (87/91), Barboncini (89/95), Raimy (91), Kemikaos (91),
C.F.C.-Cruelty Free Core (93/95), Delinkuere (95/99), MeAndMyMonkey (01/05),
Rotten Roll (2006).

Here’s a summary of what happened:

2006: Recording of a 1st version of “Keep the Net free”, together with Balistica (formerly Makhnovcina’s guitarist), mixed at Cannibal Studios (Turin). Some gigs with Rotten Roll, a Sex Pistols tribute band – for the Pistols’ 30th anniversary- together with Eros Roman (guitars), Luca Skasso (Bass) & Fabio P.(drums).

2007: 2 tracks get recorded (arranged by Paolo Battaglino) for a demo, sent to radios, clubs, etc. Some acoustic solo concerts (piano + vocals) at the Circolo Sud (Turin), at the Arts on Air Festival 2007 (Torre pellice) and so on.

2008: First attempt at starting a new band, Karenza & The Big bHang (Micky Bruno- guitars; Balistica- guitars; Luca Russo- bass gtr; Marco “Creedence”- drums). Sadly, due to personal problems with some of the members, the band only appears at the Rorà in Rock Festival and splits up the same year. Some solo gigs, at the Veganchio Festival (Brugherio), Stranamore (Pinerolo) and a couple of UK dates in Slough (Songwriters Day festival).

2009: First recordings of new songs for an album. Paolo Battaglino and Andrea Pollone take care of the recordings and arrangements. Some gigs with a new reggae/rocksteady band, later called “Karenza Reggae Experience”. After a first phase with a 5 elements lineup (Karenza: vox & keyboards; Givan- drums; Pasky- bass gtr; Sam- guitar; Billo- guitar), the band keeps on with only 3 members, for a short time.

2010: Between February & March, the songs get mixed by Mauro Tavella, together with Paolo & Andrea, at the Dub a Demon Studio, in Luserna. Madaski (Africa Unite) adds a dub remix for “Deceits of Logic, a reggae/punk song. The album gets printed in the UK by Breed Media on eco-friendly materials and distributed, in digital version, on 21 webstores worldwide. The songs get played by several radios (like Jango Airplay, Radio Beckwith, Starliners, etc) and
followed by over 10.000 people.

2011: A new band lineup is set up, featuring:
Carlo Karenza – vocals, keyboards;
Enrico Moy – guitar;
Marco Varvello – bass guitar;
Paolo Ferrando – drums.

2012: Karenza joined forces with CatStar Promotion. New songs for a future release and coming dates for gigs! Keep in touch!

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