• 001 Collective is Berries!

    Gen 3 2008, 23:08 di RingADingGirl

    EDIT: I forget to explain that berries is flapper slang for awesome.

    I can't be assed to sit here and type out every little thing about the collective, so here's some nice copy-paste stuff from the website:

    "What is the Collective?
    The collective isn't a label, or an internet distribution site, or an internet label. We like to think of the Collective as a family of artists who help each other out whenever they can, and who make music because they love to make music.
    The Collective is a place where artists can reach people that, otherwise, would never hear their music. A magical place, where the trees are made of sugar and the grass of licorice, where the clouds smile and wave and the little people laugh.

    It's true, there are plenty of other places where one can get music, legally or illegally. But the Collective prides itself on having a roster of exceptional artists that are new and interesting; that way you don't have to wade through a hundred bad songs to find one you like."