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    Nov 27 2009, 12:23 di arakha

  • Tournament of Fools, Round One

    Lug 16 2008, 14:06 di alfvaen

    This is borrowed directly from a recent series of journals by JoeIsListening, wherein one takes 64 songs selected at random from one's playlist and puts them in an elimination tournament which I gather is based somewhat on basketball playoffs or something. I don't know from basketball, so I won't comment on that. To quote from Joe, "These will be divided into 32 musical face offs. Losers go away and the winners advance until 'there can only be one.'" I eliminated any under-1-minute tracks from the list, but didn't bother with a ten-minute-plus track or a number of 8-9 minute ones.

    I am also borrowing Joe's Difficulty-O-Meter, which "gauges the degree of difficulty in deciding which song advances. The scale runs from * (no contest, no thought required) to ***** (pass the razor blades)".

    Now, I've got close to 30,000 tracks in my system, many of which I could not hum even a snatch of upon seeing the title, so this could be interesting, or not as much. Let's see.
  • Jigsaw puzzle love poem

    Nov 6 2007, 12:50 di LonerRD

    Jigsaw puzzle love poem

    Some girls they want a handsome Dan
    Or some good-lookin' Joe on their arm
    Some girls like a sweet-talkin' Romeo. (Tougher Than the Rest)
    I'm just a sucker with no self esteem. (Self Esteem)
    I don't need anybody
    Because I learned to be alone
    And anywhere
    I lay my head, boys
    I will call my home.(Anywhere I Lay My Head)
    Maybe I've never really loved
    I guess that is the truth
    I've spent my whole life in clouds at icy altitude. (Amelia)
    But gravity always wins. (Fake Plastic Trees)
    Now fool might be my middle name
    But I'd be foolish not to say: (Strange Currencies)
    The first time ever I saw your face
    I thought the sun rose in your eyes
    And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
    To the dark and the end of the skies. (First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)
    Tight skirt, strawberry hair
    Tell me what you've got, baby, waiting under there. (Red Headed Woman)
    I see you baby shakin' that ass
    Shakin' that ass! (I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix))
    If you could read my mind love,
  • A New Meme - _riverrun_

    Feb 1 2007, 16:24 di bamgrrl

    So I was reading some of the memes out there and I ran across one that I thought was kind of interesting. You were to play your neighbour radio station, list the first ten artist that came up and your feelings about them. I tried it and eh. It was okay. Two artists I didn’t like. One I never heard of but was iffy on and the rest old favorites. So I thought I’d try something I thought was more interesting to me personally. I thought I would do each of my friends radio stations. List the particular song as well as artist and give my reaction to it.

    _riverrun_ is some one who asked to be my friend and I'm not sure why. But he's on my friends list and I'm doing everyone on my friends list so I thought I'd do his radio station next.


    Taste-o-meter: Very Low

    1.I Feel So Never heard it before. Liked it very very much. Glad I was exposed to this band.

    2.Women and Men - WOW! I haven’t heard the Might be Giants (except for various TV theme songs of course) since high school! That’s right They’re great!
  • Does music change your life?

    Dic 27 2006, 10:36 di LonerRD

    I recently had a discussion with friends about the chances that music might be able to influence someone's life. I am not talking about making music. Is there any chance that listening to music helps you through bad times, engrosses your thoughts permanently or even changes your life completely? I don't think so. The proper music might be able to intensify emotions, but after all the mind (soul) only responds to music which emphasizes existing thoughts and emotions. In fact listening to music means nothing if there's no inner urge to be inspired by it. The magic of music lies in your mind and soul, nowhere else.

    In retrospect there are a few songs having an influence on my life:

    A sad song, metaphorical in many ways.

    Pictures of You
    I've been listening to this song for decades now, I am still able to find a new meaning. It offers everything I need to know about longing.

    Racing in the Street
    Back in the days when I was a (drunk) teenager I messed every party sooner or later when gaining control over the CD player. …
  • Goodbye, August!

    Ago 31 2006, 22:08 di argonheart

    I'm bidding farewell to the sh*ttiest month ever with a bunch of my favourite depressing songs:

    It's Not
    Red Red Red
    Gloomy Sunday
    Without It
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    Little Earthquakes
    Hope There's Someone
    Sleeping with Ghosts

  • It's About You?!

    Apr 26 2006, 22:54 di Carali