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Alberto Bello aka Johnny Paguro is a Modena based DJ, music producer and graphic designer; proud manager of Museek Record Label and right hand man in Pizzico Records.

He’s the Little Prince of the “Aftermath”, beloved concept which has inspired him to create an alternative sound vision for his label coming from the influences of legendary Mo’ Wax and Ninja Tune, the intelligent pop approach of Morr Music in early 2000 and the love for warm and dreamy soundscapes cooled down by glacial micro sounds. A shelter where the disco vehemence blends with soft downtempo patterns as the perfect soundtrack during that lapse between the club and the way back home .. dedicated to the “off-of-the-dancefloor” moments.

With a couple of nice EP’s on Pizzico, a latest track for the first BLTMR bootleg on a cassette tape and several appreciated remixes, he’s considered a kind of local hero: both as member and dj-resident of LAIKA collective and within' his beloved radio show Museek:Response (†), Paguro reveals a peculiar style and a very good instinct for quality sound.

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