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Born in Milano, Italy, in 1978, as a teenager Joe starts playing guitar in few local rock bands.

In 1999, he also starts a career as singer, giving birth to the hard rock trio KickStart. They self-produce the album “Fuel” in 2003 and the single “I Am Free” in 2006, and are featured in festivals, magazines, radio & TV shows.

Around 2005 he and his brother Ettore Salati start an acoustic duo named Salty Bros, playing 60s and 70s rock tunes with alternative arrangements and ethnic instruments. This is the first time that Joe just sings without playing guitar.

While improving his skills by playing in many bands, he sings as a guest in some prog records, just as RedZen’s “Void” and SoulEngine’s “Mind Colours”.

In 2012 he starts with his solo project, simply called Joe Sal: a mix of alternative rock, soul and pop music, brought on stage alone, only guitar and voice. His gear features LOUD Guitars and DG Amps & Pedals.

The same year the Alex Carpani Band – an ensemble well-known in the most important international prog festivals – offer him a collaboration for their gigs with David Jackson, sax player of the Van Der Graaf Generator, a famed English 70s prog band. Singing Peter Hammill’s tunes is a challenge that Joe eagerly accepts. This new adventure is taking him on tour around the European and American continents.

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