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  • Anni di attività

    1996 – oggi (22 anni)

  • Luogo di fondazione

    Uppsala, Svezia

Jeniferever is a band from Uppsala, Sweden formed in 1996. Their music could be described as ambient indie rock or post-rock; it is slow-paced, melodic, and frequently building to an orchestral-like climax. Their sound has been compared to bands such as The Appleseed Cast and Sigur Rós. They have released a four track EP titled Iris (which is almost 40 minutes in length) on the Big Scary Monsters Recording Company label, and a full length record entitled Choose a Bright Morning was originally released on Drowned in Sound recordings, but has since been re-released through Monotreme Records. Their latest album Spring Tides was also released on Monotreme Records in 2009. Their name is derived from a 1989 Smashing Pumpkins song of the same name.


* Kristofer Jönson: (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards)
* Martin Sandström: (Guitars, Backing Vocals)
* Olle Bilius: Bass, (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals)
* Fredrik Aspelin: (Drums, Backing Vocals)


Albums & EPs

* Chronicles of Omega (EP) (2001)
* Jeniferever (10" EP) (2002)
* The Next Autumn Soundtrack & Jeniferever (The Next Autumn Soundtrack & Jeniferever) (Split EP) (2003)
* Iris (EP) (2004)
* Choose a Bright Morning (2006)
* Nangijala (10" EP) (2008)
* Spring Tides (2009)

* "From Across the Sea" (2006)
* "The Sound of Beating Wings" (2006)
* "Alvik" (2006)

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