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Dan Kinzelman: Sax/Clarinets/Voice/Electronics

Joe Rehmer: Bass/Keyboards/Voice/Electronics

Stefano Tamborrino: Drums/Percussion/Melodica/Electronics/Voice

Uniting explosive dynamics with a delicate and hypnotic sense for melody and almost telepathic interplay, Hobby Horse has been developing their own unique brand of original jazz since the band first performed in 2010. Following up on 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘Eponymous’ and a highly successful 2015 live album released with Italy’s premier jazz magazine ‘Musica Jazz’, Hobby Horse’s latest studio effort ‘Rocketdine’ is a powerful and strikingly original record which confirms the high expectations of audience and critics alike. Dark and mesmerizing electronic textures, evocative vamps and violent explosions of energy flow organically together, united by an undercurrent of subtle lyricism. Compositions and improvisations unfold in unpredictable but logical directions, dispensing almost entirely with traditional solos in favor of a rich and surprising collective dialogue where dynamic, melodic and timbral choices assume equal importance. The result is a strangely fascinating but constantly surprising listening experience, difficult to categorize and describe but almost impossible not to enjoy.

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