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Hellzapop is Davide Cappelletti.
He makes music and lives in Monza, near Milano, Italy.
The need to express emotions and passion for music led him to use technology to create songs, mostly instrumental, produced with computer-generated sounds and rhythms and acoustic guitars.
The influences of his compositions are ranging from trip-hop to the new german electronic music.
His tracks, though instrumental, often use the structure of pop songs, an effective way to convey the feelings behind the songs.


In July 2006 the song "Green Drop" was included on the CD "Summer Compilation", the first release of the American Belladonna Records Net Label.
In November 2006 he released the first EP titled "Away", released on the main online music store, through the Swiss label Minuta Records.
In February 2007 the song "Zapop" was included on the compilation "Invasioni" for Minuta Records.
In late 2007 he began his collaboration with Luca Urbani (ex Soerba), with whom, in 2008, began touring, playing synths and laptops.
In June 2008, remixed the song "Cuore Pallido" by Amalia Grè that is part of the album Minuta versus Amalia Grè published by Emi.
In Dicember 2009 the new ep "Il Vuoto Germoglia" is published for Minuta Records.

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