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  • Anni di attività

    2007 – oggi (10 anni)

Helia came to light in the spring of 2007 from an jackie's idea, so after composed their first EP " Delorean" with 4 tracks recorded at the end of the summer 2007. The band initially was formed by Rael as singer, Jackie guitars, voice and synth, Commo as second guitar and Dano on the bass, get ready to publish their first single "Memory Flash" on MySpace. So after the success they have got from this first ep the band leave the idea of Helia only as a side project but as a real band. It's turn of Ricky on the drums that complete the band in the january of 2008 so finally with a perfect lineup the guys start to play some shows in the closest club finding a good response between the beholders. After this the band starts in the summer 2008 the recording session for 2 tracks "Str8 to nort-east lights" and "Push it!" this last one featuring Becko melodic voice from Hopes Die Last. These came out more personal and mature than the first record, after they threw these new songs on MySpace the band keep on moving around Italy until Wynona records propose'em a contract for a new record. So in march 2009 Helia get ready again to back in studio for the first full length "Shivers" that includes 12 tracks with the amazing collaboration of Josh from To kill, "most famous italian hardcore band in the world wide" at the song "No Surrender" . Before the official release Dano and Commo decide to leave the band and Mett and Ale replace them at guitar and bass. Helia starts to promote their new record through many tours around italy collecting new fans everywhere. In december 2009 "Shivers" its been published in Japan for the major Radtone Music bringing their music out from the Europe. Actually they have recorded the first videoclip for the song "Str8" keep on going on with shows and making noise through the crowds. In April 2010 our frontman Rael decided to leave the band for some personal reasons and so, after a lot of castings, in May 2010 Andy has joined the band becoming our new vocalist.

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