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Hangover Blackout band was born from the darkness of a cold and alcoholic winter, in December 2008, from the union of four musicians previously involved in various groups of the Valtellina rock scene (Exhausted, Przewalski and 112Abarth).
The project started with several months of improvisation in order to understand the natural stylistic direction but in the summer of 2009 something slowly began to happen and, during December of the same year, the band performed live in a local pub, playing some original songs, some covers and a bit of improvisations.
Then, the group started to believe in their work and composed new songs looking for a personal style, a sound inspired, but perhaps not too much, by bands like QOTSA, TOOL, A Perfect Circle, as well as Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains.
Finally, the band reached, in their opinion, a genre they liked to call "Stonegrunged”…
After some live performances in northern Italy, the band recorded an EP in order to promote their music and have a chance in the Italian underground rock scene.
The EP was recorded during two rainy days on the end of October 2010 at the “IGLOO AUDIO FACTORY”, in Correggio (RE), with Lorenzo Monti (ex Milaus) at the mixer, and it has been finally ready in February 2011, with the title "Amigdala".
The EP contains three songs, twenty minutes of music where the personality, the energy and stylistic direction of the band are clear. Its graphics were handled by Elisa Ronconi, a young and local talented artist.
In 2012 the band came into possession of a recording of their live performace during the Morborock Vol.2 festival occurred at the end of May 2011. This live recording contains all the original tracks of the band.
On 12/12/2012 the band decided to split up for personal reasons but everything changes and transmutates so do not rush to consider HB a dead project. We are still alive…

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