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HṚṢṬA (pron.: /ˈhɜrʃtə/; Sanskrit हृष्ट ) is a Montreal post-rock band that records on Constellation Records.
The band's leader, Mike Moya (guitar and voice), was also one of the founding members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Hrsta's sound has been compared to that of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Set Fire to Flames, owing to Mike Moya's unique contributions to each. HṚṢṬA, however, differs from these previous projects in that it features Moya as a vocalist.
The other members of the band (as of the last album) are: Harris Newman, Eric Craven and Brooke Crouser. Lisa Gamble also Joined in 2007 and Nick Kuepfer in 2009.
Hrsta is currently signed to Constellation Records, where they have released Stem Stem in Electro, and also Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes, released in the fall of 2007.

(source: Wikipedia)

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