• Songs that pack a punch. Part Two.

    Dic 28 2006, 19:21 di CareALotsClouds

    You may, or may not have read Part One a month back or so ago. This is in the same esteem. This is the drill, I only choose one song from one artist (which is difficult, I'll have you know). I give an opinion on the artist, how I came across them, some background info on the artist, the album that it comes from, and lastly my conclusion of the song. This is finished with a 'Strikability Factor' which is my opinion on how quickly listeners appreciate the song (as I'm sure you know, some songs need special attention in order for it to be appreciated). I do not keep to one genre, and the songs selected are random from my five star collection. I'm detailed and opinionated. If you have come here from a page of your favourite artist, it doesn't mean I am going to be nice about them. Bear that in mind before you continue reading.

    You know, I remember when I was about fourteen when Christina Aguilera first came out with quite a shit song called 'Genie In The Bottle' off…