• Guided By Voices @ The Wiltern 10/4/10

    Ott 5 2010, 8:55 di Chumsicles

    Mon 4 Oct – Guided by Voices, Times New Viking

    Damn......that was a great show.

    A month ago, I was fairly certain I wasn't gonna go to this, but the show I originally wanted tickets to sold out, so I chose to go to this one. I ended up going alone, but boy am I glad I went.

    So after 6 years of being broken up, Robert Pollard decides to reform Guided by Voices with the treasured Bee Thousand-era lineup (which had dissipated SIXTEEN years ago). They brought a whole tray of beers and a bottle of tequila onstage with them, and drank and smoked while playing onstage!. They were great however. Even in his old age, Bob Pollard still has an amazing, tuneful voice (and he still does those cock rock mic swinging karate-kick moves he used to do back in the 90's!). The other band members would let loose too, with bassist Greg Demos getting really close to the crowd with his guitar-face on and guitarist Mitch Mitchell high-fiving the front row every so often (including myself!)

  • Donde No Hay Sufermiento: The Top Twelve Songs from 1:40 to 1:43

    Apr 13 2010, 7:19 di rockrobster23

    The Aspirations of Very Short Songs

    The struggle to be something more than fluff or fun trash, or to be an exemplar of the highest places to which fluff and fun trash can aspire; to make a skeletal framework stand in for flesh and imply substance inside a spook; to transcend the limitations of length when you hardly have time to say anything; to set a memorable mood quickly and then make it seem bigger than it actually is.

    Or to be Guided by Voices. This list is dominated by a relatively small number of bands, which I think is less due to limitations in my collection than it is to the small number of bands consistently working at this length. And more so, that some of those small number of bands are really, really good at short-form songwriting.

    I Swear, I Picked That Journal Title Before Today

    But very weird, to grab a quote from a song with a "me voy" refrain, considering that last.fm has just announced a change that will drive quite a few users elsewhere. …
  • 06.10.09

    Giu 15 2009, 22:35 di furrymonkeyback

  • SONG A DAY RETURNS: December 06

    Dic 19 2006, 21:58 di evilsoybean

    Yes, that thing I do that no one reads is BACK! Some notes:

    1. A lot of focus on 2006 this month, as I'm doing my whole year end retrospective thing. I still found time to listen to some old favorites, though.

    2. I cheated, and didn't actually do some of this day by day, and put some stuff I haven't heard since November or October.

    Here we go!

    December 1, 2006- Bridges and Balloons- After hearing the Decemberists cover of this, it struck me that either Newsom secretly writes The Decemberists' lyrics, or Colin Meloy secretly writes Joanna Newsom's lyrics. Oh, great song.

    December 2, 2006- Are You Experienced?- Sounds like a marching band on acid. A lot of acid. Which is a perfect segway into...

    December 3, 2006- Acid Food- This whole track has a nice tracelike quality, such that it could be depressing if it wasn't so beautifully transfixing. And it sounds like Darth Vader's doing percussion.

    December 4, 2006- Science Fiction/Double Feature- These guys…
  • PandoraFM & Backstage@Pandora

    Giu 13 2006, 16:57 di Mitya

    I've been enjoying the best of both worlds recently - the combination of last.fm and Pandora's "music genome" recommendation engine, which takes a song you pick and then chooses other songs according to common characteristics. Right now I started with You Said Something, which Pandora describes as "featuring blues influences, punk influences, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation, minor key tonality, and an emotional female lead vocal performance." Or at least that's where I am now. A couple of elements from any given song tend to carry over to the next - that's why the mix works - but not necessarily all. So far it's cycled me through Sahara Hotnights, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Susan Tedeschi, and now I'm at Hot Freaks.

    As the "radio" plays, you can click to tell Pandora "I hate this" or "I love this" or "add another song" -- the latter helpful if you feel like hearing what a cross between Peter, Paul and Mary and Husker Du might sound like. …
  • 10 Great 'Guided By Voices' Lyrics

    Mar 22 2006, 14:47 di afx38

    This isn't a Top 10. That would be far too limiting. These are just some of my favorite peices of some great Guided by Voices songs. In fact I'm not even going to put them in order, cause they are equally awesome to me. It really is too bad they are no longer making music together. At least Robert Pollard's still going.

    Beg for a Wheelbarrow
    nothing to show but destitution
    for the rest of your days
    you must dig a deeper hole
    and then you'll feel better

    Portable Men's Society
    affordable trends in anxiety
    especially the ones that make you raw
    portable men's society!

    Hot Freaks
    with a wetspot
    bigger than a great lake

    Pimple Zoo
    sometimes I get the feeling
    that you don't want me around

    I Am A Scientist
    and I know what's right
    but I'm losing sight
    of the clues for which I search and choose
    to abuse
    to just unlock my mind

    The Official Ironmen Rally Song
    confirmations through the wire
    spitting gas into the fire
    am i also worthy of a drink?