• Why I prefer Nordic music

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    I am writing this journal because I think a lot of people are curious why I listen to so much Nordic music. I'm going to direct people to this journal whenever they ask why I listen to a lot of Nordic music.
    My Story
    Note: This is pretty long. If you want to read an overview and a possible reason why I prefer Nordic music read the next section.
    When I first came to last.fm as a thirteen year old I only listened to three artists. They were Ladytron, Metric and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I really wanted to discover new music. I discovered a lot of new music. One problem I had was that most indie music sounded bland to me. Two artists that stood out to me were both from Sweden. They were The Knife and The Sounds.
    I also got into Björk, an artist who I used to think was a bit too weird for me. The person who let me borrow her Björk CD, also introduced me to Metric and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. That made her recommendation more trustworthy. She also recommended PJ Harvey, Ani DiFranco and Jewel. I haven't really gotten into them. I still have some of their songs on my iTunes.
    After I got into Björk and The Knife last.fm started to recommend Nordic music. I felt a bit intimidated because back then Nordic music was foreign and new for me. When I got into Icelandic music I discovered a few artists that actually sang in Icelandic. This was new for me. After I listened to a lot of Icelandic music I got interested in learning the Icelandic language. When I was learning Icelandic I also learned about Icelandic culture in general.
  • Artists to acquire

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  • Free Downloads Of Female Artists/Female Fronted Bands: G-H

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    Welcome to my on going effort to promote the music of female vocalists and female fronted bands. I hope you find this research tool useful to you in growing a greater appreciation of these wonderful women singers and musicians. Some of these artists are well known while others are working hard to be discovered. The first link will take you to the artist's Last.fm home page. The following link(s) takes you to the website(s) where the artist is offering a free download.

    I would like to give a special thanks to my friend Ken aka Pretty-Life, who has brought to my attention so many of the fantastic female artists found in this journal. Thanks, Ken!

    Please know that I do not own or hold the copyrights on any of the below songs. They are all the property of their respective artists, songwriters and/or recording companies.

    If you like my work, then please leave me a shout saying so. Thanks for stopping by.

    George (music_man_76)


  • Photos - Les Anthinoises 2012

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  • BLACK WORMS banquet

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    Сб 4 Фев – BLACK WORMS banquet

    Если не особо придираться к мелочам - можно сказать, что звук в этот раз был отличный (я так думаю благодаря месе Упыря). Всегда б так. С таким звуком "Барвы" уже не воспринимаются так ужасно. Еще б вытяжку там нормальную и задник сцены чем-то адекватным завесить - и вполне себе ничего заведение
    Народу не особо много пришло. Хочется верить что все же погода помешала.

    По выступлению групп:

    - MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR - двоякое впечатление. С одной стороны ребята сыграли живенько и народ вроде колбасился. С другой стороны я затрудняюсь назвать это блэком. Но многие вещи мне понравились, если не целиком, то фрагменты точно. Ну и, похоже, это был их день, т.к. они и открывали и закрывали концерт и, как я уже говорил, народу в основном понравилось.


    - Gjallarhorn - вообще никак. Не пошло мне совсем. Не в обиду ребятам, но материал какой-то скучный и шаблонный. Еле дождался завершения сэта. …
  • Bands I've seen live

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  • Why viking fetishists and all other types of fetishists merely wish to get laid

    Lug 26 2010, 20:42 di DrJosephMengele

    It's no secret that we live in a hypocrithical world, a charachteristic which is as old as humanity itself and will never perish, albeit historically it had different degrees throughout the world. This is rather visible amongst all types of fetishists – religious, cultural or otherwise.

    These fetishists (which go by the name of “fans” when we talk about subcultures or by most pseudo-extremists when we talk about religious fanatics or most political extremists or 99.99% of vegans and straight edgers, “ecologists” who wish that all the world would merely buy bourgeois “green” products and all the other subgroups of hipsters). These people cloak behind a trend, religion, etc. in order to disguise their sexuality in “higher ideals”. Don't believe me? Well, stay tuned.

    I'll first start with subculture fetishists, and the one which I personally find to be the most annoying – at lest in my area: viking fetishists (which merged with paganism/asatru/odinism and God knows what type of crap)…
  • 50 questions about music, bands and being a fan

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    Taken from dornenhexe's journal.

    1.Do you have any fan merchandise that is unusual?

    2.Which was your first album worth mentioning?
    Skipping those of my early days which i don't even own anymore, it would be St. Anger.

    3.When was your first concert? (Age)
    16, i suppose.

    4.Have you been to festivals?

    5.Ever considered to join a fan club? Which one?
    Not really.

    6.Which song was the discovering of a whole new genre for you?
    There are many of those songs. A very special one was definitely All of the Above.

    7.How do you think about TV and Movie Soundtracks?
    Quite nice, although i never bought a CD with a soundtrack on it.

    8.Do you choose particular albums depending on the mood?
    Sometimes. But usually i listen to the stuff which is played by my media player at the moment.

    9.Ever made a compilation with a topic( for a friend)?
    Only for my car.

    10.Which song does not fit to the others songs you have?
  • My top 10 female vocalists

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    covers more or less all of my favourite vocalists from both the "sides" of music I likeI KNOW that I might have not so many plays of e.g. Gjallarhorn, but it has nothing to do with admiring their vocalistthe simple answer to "Why this and that isn't here?" is that I did NOT consider it necessary = I don't admire her that much though I maybe have many plays of her / her band's music, cause again this is NOT about thatof course, they are many more I like but I said this will be a top 10 and so it isplease keep your pointless comments for yourself - I erase crap like "too long, didn't read", I DO NOT write SHORT journals!

    One side of my musical taste:

    Kelly Clarkson

    (Too big for the journal but totally kicks ass!)

    I think she's cool (and also quite mad, see e.g. in the I Do Not Hook Up video here) and nice (especially with dark hair, don't know why).
  • Review of Fejd's Storm (2009, Napalm Records)

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    I have just published my review of napalm records artist Fejd's Storm on MitGas's web site Metal Retardation. The full review can be read HERE.

    Here is a brief excerpt:

    " Fejd, comprised of the brothers Rimmerfors and three childhood friends who now play in metal bands, has been blending traditional music and instruments with rock and metal musical structures since 2001. After three impressive demos and a lot of live appearances in Europe's exploding and scene, Storm is the band's first commercial release. Like the releases of soulmates Gamarna, Hedningarna, Sweden's Gjallarhorn, Lumsk, Otyg and Faun, Storm is a polished and exciting hybrid of the new and the old and is expressly NOT a grafting of a couple flute or violin riffs onto a black metal, prog, power metal or thrash instrumentation. I liked it immediately, but it's not going to please everybody. Don't run out and buy it right away! Go to Fejd's website and check out their freely downloadable demos first! www. …