• Gallows, ETID, tGOAT, SLV @ The London HMV Forum.

    Mag 24 2009, 22:24 di gravitypoint

    Thu 21 May – Gallows, Every Time I Die, The Ghost of a Thousand, Sounds Like Violence

    I've never been to the Forum in London, the closest one I've been to is the one in Tunbridge Wells where they hold gigs for local bands.

    But anyway, Onwards. Even though I could only get seating tickets, wow, what an amazing gig. Three of my Favourite bands in one night, but I was let down by a few factors:
    -It was a shit venue. Well, I'm sure it wasn't for people standing downstairs, but upstairs we had cocks telling us to sit down every five minutes and don't record on our phones, We could only go out for a fag between ETID and Gallows, There was a QUEUE to go outside and have a fag, and you couldn't buy merch if you were an upstairs ticket. To the London HMV Forum Staff and it's Manager: You're all pricks.
    -I bought a camera the day before the gig JUST SO I COULD REVIEW THIS GIG. They gave me one with a faulty battery. A faulty Rechargeable Li-Ion battery. …