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Gabriel Cyphre is the androgynous forger of the darkest arts, an italian singer, musician, model. (Born in May the 15th 1990) speaks Italian, and English.

Gabriel was born in Italy; as a child he started to express an immense love for music and painting, a passion that has never abandoned him yet. Over the years he has been victim of bullism untill the age of 19. He started his music career in 2009 on myspace where he released "Beauty criminal" and "Mr Dangerous", which the physical copies are now nearly impossible to find (in 2016 a physical and autographed copy of "Beauty Criminal" has been sold for about 180€ on Ebay.)

Gabriel Cyphre's music is characterized by his internal duality and the number 13. There is a dualistic theme in every single song made by Gabriel, most of the time in the lyrics, and sometimes in the compositions; same thing can be said about the number thirteen, even his art-name is made by 13 letters.
His first releases are in dance and electric style, then his music started to have more and more a veil of goth and creepy style, abandoning the electronic sound to replace them with real orchestral instruments.
In 2013 he released "The SlenderMan Song" which became his best-seller on many platforms.
In 2016 he released "Creepypasta" which gave him also a biggest popularity over the social networks and horror forums.

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