• My Favorite Songs of 2011

    Nov 24 2011, 18:21 di astrolabe1976

    Its Thanksgiving Day, time to reflect back on all our blessings. And for me, to recount the blessings of all the wonderful music that's out there.
    While mostly rooted in electronic music, you'll find a little bit for everyone on here. Leave comments, and tell me your favs! So Lets go!

    GusGus - Over
    GusGus returned to form on this minimal trance anthem. A lament over a love lost and wanting it back. Daniel Agust and Earth's vocals are amazing, lovelorn and pleading.
    (As we wonder why, why we didn't try, we didn't try this time) Over
    (We didn't even try, try to make things right) Make me
    (This time) Over
    Joe Goddard ft Valentina - Gabriel
    One part of Hot Chip, Joe Goddard came out with, imo, the best house single of the year. Some are saying its "adult" or "mature". I just think its Incredible. Its edgy, but accessible. It eschews the usual hedonism of house music vocals for a woman damaged by a careless lover who…
  • Is Frank Ocean the Savior of Modern RnB?

    Apr 18 2011, 23:13 di astrolabe1976

    A friend sent me a clip of Frank Ocean's from his lauded Nostalgia/ultra mix tape. It's an ode to gettin down au natural over the music to MGMT's Electric Feel. Since I loved the original, I had a time swallowing this R n B crooner with a Prince like delivery talking about how he's been "meaning to fuck you in the garden"

    I almost gave up on it, but then read some articles on the internet on how Mr. Ocean and this artist from Toronto, The Weeknd , were the NEW thing in RnB. SO I decided to give his mixtape nostalgia/ultra a chance, and im very glad i did

    While its not a neo soul revival in sound, its definitely a throwback to 70s soul when it comes to raw, honest, heartfelt singer-songwriter material. Something that is desperately needed in a Drake/Chris Brown-ified RnB landscaped

    It's Kanye West without the insecurity, bravado and wall of sound.. just straight from the heart.

    You wont be hearing any sci-fi , bleeding edge music production: it clearly takes a backseat to story, voice and pain. …