• My Favorite Literature

    Ott 11 2011, 18:22 di mrmichel0927

    -always under construction-

    As literature holds a very special place in my heart, even more so than music (after all, I want to write for a living), I want to share my favorite works of literature with anyone that is interested. Formerly I had a list in the side panel of my page on last.fm, but that was fairly awkward and only inhibited people from quickly scrolling to the bottom of my page.

    Therefore, I am transferring those images here, and also adding some new ones. As I encounter new works of breathtaking prose, I will continue to edit this journal.

    About my literary tastes: they vary, but are rooted in science-fiction. In particular, epic science-fiction, the genre that I primarily want to write in. Epic science-fiction includes but is not limited to tales of sweeping, vast empires; complex, world-shattering religions; strange, alien new worlds; brave, courageous people; bold, innovative technology; and most importantly of all a literary scope that will humble even the most imaginative reader. …