• Project: Global Tags Cleansing

    Dic 15 2010, 12:59 di Kaltenhoenn


    Last.fm database is full of mistagged artists and titles of songs. For now, we are able to suggest correct tag on artist's/track's page leaving our input for administrators to verify. After all, redirections are made and we can enjoy fully functional and clean stats. Below is the long list I've made for The Auto-Correct Correction Brigade group (feel free to join if you have nothing to do).

    The list is overwhelmingly long and it'll be soon impossible to vote for everything at once. Vote then for anything you want and you can, but vote at least once. Every support is important!

    Short guide how to do it:
    • 1) Use the small sheet "Is this track name wrong or misspelt? Suggest a correction." to the right on the track's page.
    • 2a) If you're voting on correct title, mark first option and press Submit.
    • 2b) If you're voting on incorrect title, mark second option and proceed further.
    • 3a) If artist is correct (usually it is), leave the field as it is.