• [Chronique] Finntroll - Nifelvind

    Gen 13 2011, 9:59 di PaganFrance

    Chronique de Josh.


    L’album commence très fort avec l’intro Blodmarsch probablement la meilleure intro du groupe à ce jour avec une grande maîtrise de l’orchestration et de l’ambiance qui nous emmène tout droit dans les profondeurs où demeurent les trolls.

    Le second morceau, Solsagan, enchaîne sur un début très black metal où Vreth nous démontre une grande maîtrise et puissance vocale, vers les 50 secondes on entend les premières notes de clavier qui sonne totalement différent que les précédents albums qui rappelle un peu les ambiances années 30, vers 1min30 le morceau part dans une explosion folk avec des chœurs qui mettent une ambiance totalement festive, on peut remarquer également dans ce morceau des blasts sonnant très black metal. Un très grand morceau pour commencer cet album d’une des meilleures manières.

    Puis s’en suit Den Frusna Munnen
  • 2010 legjobbjai / Best Of 2010

    Dic 22 2010, 14:47 di JillianWT

    English translation included! (You can find them under the videos.) Forgive my grammar mistakes, please.

    Eljött megint a nagy összegzések ideje, és mivel évről-évre azzal szembesülök, hogy a nevesebb metal (web) magazinok listái gyakorlatilag köszönőviszonyban sincsenek az általam legjobbnak vélt anyagokkal, úgy döntöttem néhány sorban ideje megemlékezni 2010 számomra kiemelkedő munkáiról. Íme:


    So, here we are again at the big sum of the year. Every single year I must face that the renowned - mostly of course hungarian - (web) magazines' lists have absolutely nothing to do with my favourites, so I decided to this is the right time to have a little remembrance about my beloved albums of 2010. Here it is:

    1. Rotting Christ - Aealo



    Mikor év elején egy szuszra kijött az új Troll, Dark Fortress és Rotting Christ album már sejtettem, hogy az idei esztendő elsősorban a black metal éve lesz…
  • Chrissi-chan's winter albums of 2009-2010!

    Mar 21 2010, 23:33 di Chrissi-chan

    well, I did my autumn albums so I thought I'd once again jump on the bandwagon and continue to steal the one and only teriyaki's journal idea XD this always happens.. ^__^;; but hey-ho! hopefully you'll read/enjoy/endure/not-die-of-boredom-whilst-reading this \:D/

    Chrissi-chan's top albums (3 months) 1. Versailles - Jubilee (331) http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/842/391844394b5d5a7eb2946.jpg http://covers.nmstudio.pl/img/free-parts/spacer.gif

    *new this season*
    okay, so no surprises to those of you who know me, but Versailles' latest masterpiece has claimed the top spot ^w^ I have to say, I love this album so much.. it's a really brilliantly put together work that just feels so wonderfully complete. I did slightly miss the old school "The Red Carpet Day" and "Second Fear -Another Descendant-" style songs from Lyrical and Noble, but Teru-sama makes up for it with the deliciously different 愛と哀しみのノクターン and just beautiful "Reminiscence". …
  • Insert witty Heathen-related title here

    Mar 11 2010, 14:55 di thegaymetaller

    Mon 8 Mar – PaganFest

    Paganfest 2010 review

    Paganfest has been a huge success worldwide amongst heathen meatheads and their kin, and so at last the celebrated tour came to London- after disappointingly missing a stop in England in 2009- with a renewed passion and vengeance! On the bill this evening were patriotic Russian metallers Arkona, Bavarian Varg, Dornenreich, Eluveitie (making a welcome return to our shores) and headliners Finntroll, who were back surprisingly soon after touring the UK only a matter of months ago.

    The 02 Islington venue, parked oddly in the middle of a shopping complex, provided a welcome relief from standing in the freezing air whilst queuing, and an excellent spot to pitch a camp or two and nestle down with a bottle of mead whilst waiting for the evening to begin. Which of course diligently and in true pagan style, my clan and I did! What’s the legendary Paganfest without some traditional pagan drink at your elbow…