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Fenisia was born in 2009 in Rome, Italy, influenced by the sounds of U.S. southern rock.

Inspired by the imagery of a rising phoenix, they adopted the original monicker ‘FENISIA’. A symbol of rebirth and renewal.

Starting 2011, FENISIA began to adopt a style aimed to integrate their own heavier style with their passion for ancient myth, alchemy, occult science and esoterica in general. With this new , more definite sonic direction FENISIA wrote and recorded ‘LUCIFER’, a concept album with its own com strightforward – and yet complex – musically logical path. ‘Metal of Enlightenment’, as the band likes to call it.

The album was recorded in Rome (Forward Studio) and mastered at Sterling Sound, NY. Its first single, DAMNATION BALLAD generated massive interest with the specialized press, and received stellar reviews on numerous webzines and metal blogs, thanks also to solid airplay on mainstream italian radio channels.

At the same time, the band began performing some of the brand-new LUCIFER songs live, at some of the most important venues in Rome in front of large crowds, opening for major acts such as The Misfits, Paul Di’Anno (formerly of Iron Maiden) and Hobbs.

As LUCIFER gets worldwide distribution in 2012,

In 2015 Fenisia present their Second Album Titled ” Fenisia Café”, Produced & Recorded & Mixed by Ray Sperlonga in the Rosary Lane Studios, mastered by Colin Davis from Pacheco California, The Fenisia Cafè inspired by Procope cafè paris, cradle of the Enlightenment, it is the the second Chapter of the concept album started with Lucifer, carefully prepared and developed after many concerts and a long work in the studio. A mighty hard rock and Enlightenment philosophy has helped to mature the new sound of Fenisia

The band is currently working on the third album that will complement the concept expressed in the two previous works

Look out for FENISIA, coming soon to your local metal club!

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