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  • Anni di attività

    2006 – oggi (14 anni)

Expellow was founded by Daniel Gutweniger (Lead Guitar), Sergio Belfanti (Guitar), and Michael Tamas (Bass) in 2006. In 2007, Mik Dean (Vocals) joined the Band. They played a few small gigs until Moritz Blaser (Drums) completed the line-up in 2008. The Band continued playing shows, amongst others at the Industrie45 in Zug or the Werk21 in Zurich. 2010, Expellow released their demo „the silent days are over“ which was recorded at home following the do-it-yourself approach. In the following three years, the Band played a lot of shows at many cool locations, such as the Graffitti in Bern, the Grabenhalle in St.Gallen, the Alte Kaserne and the Dynamo Zurich – to just name a few – and also showed their potential at festivals in Switzerland and abroad; becoming more and more well known in the local scene. 2013, the Band took some time off to build their own recording studio and rehearsal headquarters, where the new album was recorded the following year. 2015, the album „Modern Age Credo“ was released with a big party at the Dynamo in Zurich. Since this day, the front women Mik and the four guys from Zurich are shredding across the swiss Stages again, proving they’re on their way to become one of those numbers you’re gonna call when there’s something strange in your Neighbourhood – and you need to blow it away with a powerful load of swiss metalcore!

With their modern Metal, Expellow combine hard riffs and brutal breakdowns with melodic parts, and mad screams and growls with clean vocals in a fresh way that doesn’t sound like you’ve heard it a thousand times before. This ready-to-blow-up-mixture has already found fans from all kinds of genres and keeps on doing so. The female singer and the 4 guys from Zurich won’t whine around – the lyrics contain a solid dose of middlefinger, insanity and rebellion, that might also leave you questioning things.

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