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Entail are Davide Regni (ex member, he left the band on 28 Jannuary 2017), Francesco Breccia (Guitar), Marco Borsella (Bass), Francesco Maracci (Guitar) and Matteo Sterlacchini (Drums). Born and grew up in the center of Italy from different musical genres and experiences, in September 2010 they decided to share their ideas and forces, to realize this new project. They immediately started to create their own music, bringing it to Italian stages.
In the following months, they started to complete their new songs in order to record their first EP at JDM Studios.
In 2013 “Lies of a free man” was released and Entail started again their intense live activity, sharing stages with awesome bands from all over the world like Thell Barrio from Mexico and traveling for an European Tour during which they played in 5 different countries (Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Netherlands). In 2014 Entail spent a lot of time working on pre-production of their new album, in which Entail become very close to heavier and up to date sound, typical of Nu-Metal and Metalcore. In the summer 2014 they played at “Wet Fest”, as opening act of “Brutality will prevail” (UK) and “Resurrection” (BE). In July Entail played also during “Agorabilia Festival” in support of “Destrage” (IT). In september 2014, Entail started to record their first full length at Dyne Engine Studios (IT) finalizing their work in February 2015, mastering at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden) by Tony Lindgren

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