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Synthpop with a melancholic touch: Endless Shame is an alternative band from the south of Sweden.
Their music is mainly electronic but it also contains guitar, bass, percussion and other live instruments. The style of the music is a mixture of elctro, synth pop, alternative rock and EBM.

Endless Shame started out as a band in the early 90′s but it wasn’t until 2003 (when Anders Olsson moved back from London to Sweden) that the band came together as a “real” band.

In 2007 Endless Shame released their debut album “Price Of Devotion” on the label K-Town Records. The album was nominated for the “Best Synth Album of the year”-award at the Manifestgalan in Stockholm in the spring of 2008. At the release party for the album Anders and Mika met up with an old friend, Jesper Nilsson, and decided to start an EBM-band as well. The band – Autodafeh – is still active to this day.

In 2009 the band signed with the label “A Different Drum” and in November the same year their second album “Unspoken Words” was released. The album got great reviews from numerous magazines and websites. “Unspoken Words” is a lot more electronic and has a stronger synth pop and EBM vibe compared to “Price Of Devotion”. The album included the song “Pure” (also released on MCD) which became somewhat of a club hit on the dance floors in the electronic underground scene.

In 2010 Endless Shame decided to part ways with “A Different Drum”. Their new record company became the Italian record label “EK Product”. Most of the year the band have worked in the studio, producing material for their forthcoming album “Generation Blind”. In November 2010 the band went to Italy to record a video for one of the songs from the album. The name of the song is “The Reaper” and the video will be released in the spring of 2011. The album “Generation Blind” will also be released in the spring of 2011. In February of 2011 the band released the single “Halo” as a teaser for the forthcoming album.

Members: Mattias Nybble, Anders Olsson, Mika Rossi


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