• 15 songs

    Giu 16 2006, 5:40 di vardaofstars

    Someone did this on my recommended reading, and since I'm so bored I will do it too. I'm going to write about the next 15 songs that come on iTunes.

    1. Bury Your Head (Acoustic)
    I have both Translating the Name EP and Saosin, but I've only listened to each album once or twice. But from what I remember, I prefer the non-acoustic version of this song. It's still a nice track though.

    2. Keeping The Blade
    omigosh. I remember when I first heard this track the first time I listened to GA and I completely FLIPPED OUT. It is so amazing and definitely my favorite version of this little "theme" that's played throughout the three albums. So musical and yay. Strings. Real music!

    3. The Patronus Light
    Not surprised a movie soundtrack popped up because I have about a billion. The soundtrack for HP & PoA is definitely my favorite out of the four HP soundtracks. This track is truly representative of the majesty of a Patronus and it's lovely. I am a big fat nerd. =P