• Approximately 25 favorite shows

    Ago 25 2009, 1:53 di lessrockmoretok

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    My friend Laura posted 50 shows attended, and I responded with a very quick list of 50. My friend Annie posted 50 shows with comments and mentioned that "50 is not a very big number." She's right, 50 is not that many bands/musicians, and my earlier list was kinda dumb.

    As it happens I had a kind of list on my computer of my favorite live music performances ever, though it was sort of tentative and incomplete, but it even had some web citations and stuff where I found precise dates. So I dug it up and updated it a bit. Here they are, not in any particular order.

    Ween (930 club, 10/28/96)
    We were near the front of the stage, I nearly died of euphoria when I heard "The Blarney Stone" for the first time in my life. This was after their country album and before The Mollusk, some of their awesomest material. They were backed by a bunch of Nashville session players. Amazing.

    Journey & Foreigner (Nissan Pavilion, 7/13/99)
  • Top Artist/Album Recomendations from The Heavy Side. (Still Updating)

    Feb 23 2009, 18:58 di yeoldstinkeye

    http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o214/yeoldstinkeye/littlemuffpedal.jpgBlowback-Morning Wood Blowback is a combination of “blast from the past” rock band and contemporary stoner-rock! Blowback always hits bulls eye with their mix of 70’s rock and stonerrock. When this band turn up their amplifiers you will be glued to the wall, enforced by riff mania that no one is safe from.

    Colour Haze-All Founded in 1994, Colour Haze are a contemporary three-piece German stoner/psychedelic rock band, at least in the literal sense. The band’s current lineup includes Stefan Koglek (vocals/guitar), Manfred Merwald (drums) and Philipp Rasthofer (bass). Hailing from Munich, they follow in the tradition of other classic rock trios such as Cream, Grand Funk Railroad and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    Drunk Horse-Adult Situations Formed in 1998, Drunk Horse is a rock band from Oakland, CA. The band released several albums on Man’s Ruin Records before the label went out of business. …